Guidelines for Recording Student Poster


We will use the Zoom Conference Webinar Platform.

Zoom Download (Free Edition) — You may download Zoom and test sharing your camera, audio and screen by using Zoom’s free edition. Please register

Attendees will join in listen-only mode. The Q&A feature will be used for questions and interaction (the chat feature will be disabled). Polling is also available for presenters to use (information and deadlines below). Please note that several security features are being utilized to prevent unauthorized access.


The video has to be maximum of 5 minutes.

Presenter Registration Information

Registration for 48th IPS National Virtual Conference is available here Please register before submitting your paper

Presentation Formats

There are two presentation formats for the conference. Please review the formats below to determine which pertains to your session type.

Format 1: A live virtual Presentation

The live virtual Presentation is conducted live and in real-time without any pre-recorded portions of the panelist presentations. The live virtual session may contain oral presentations, slide presentations, panel discussion and attendee interaction using polling and/or Q&A.

Format 1 is available for use for the following Presentation:

● Key Note Presentation
● Panel Discussions
● Pre-Conference Session

Format 2: Pre-recorded Presentation (individual recordings) with live Q&A

In this Format, presenters pre-record their individual presentations. Only the attendee interaction (Q&A) is conducted live during the scheduled session time. Polling is not available during Paper Presentation Sessions.

● Key Note Presentation (if speakers can’t attend the conference live)
● Paper Presentations
● Poster Presentation


Presentation Enhancement Recommendations

Slide Template – Please use your own template, no standard slide template is required.

Slide/PowerPoint Presentation – 16:9 widescreen format is required for all presentations.

That the E-poster should be done in single slide and the video of Presentation by presenter of 5min can be recorded on zoom.

Zoom Background – We recommend that you choose a Zoom template for your background. To change your background, you will need to:

● Log in to Zoom.
● Click on the Up Arrow next to the camera in the bottom left corner.
● Select Virtual Background
● Add/Choose background

Lighting/Camera — Diffused light in front of you will usually work best to avoid shadows. Try to position your camera so that it just above your eye level. If you will be on camera – check the visible background – use of a zoom background may be helpful. Click on “Start Video” or “Stop Video” to turn your camera on or off.

Sound/Audio — We recommend using a headset and/or microphone as it will lead to better sound quality than using your computer audio. Turn off all sound notifications on all your devices.

Internet/Bandwidth — It is recommended to use hardwired internet, using an ethernet cable to connect. This helps reduce the variability of wi-fi strength.

Other applications/Sharing Screen — For live presentations, close other applications on your computer so that notifications do not appear during your presentation, and have ready any files you wish to share. You are recommended to share the specific PowerPoint and not your desktop.

Presentation/Clothing – Darker color shirts/blouses appear better on camera. Try to avoid busy plaid or patterned outfits.

How-To Zoom Demo Session — The 48th IPS Virtual Conference Secretariat will schedule a Zoom Demo for presenters 15 days before the event. Invitations will be sent to all presenters to participate if they are interested.


Instructions for Pre-Recorded Presentations using Zoom

Paper presenters will pre-record their individual presentations.

Step 1 - Sharing your presentation

● Open Zoom.
● Check that your audio and video are both on and working Have your presentations ready to be shared.
● Select "Share Screen".

● A new window will open.
● In the pop-up window, select your PowerPoint presentation and click, “Share“.
● You are now sharing your screen.

Step 2 – Recording your presentation

Once you are sharing your screen, click on “More” at the top of your screen and select “Record on this Computer”.

Once you have finished your presentation, you can select “Stop Record”.

Note: If you end the Zoom meeting without stopping the recording, the system will stop it for you and begin converting your video to your local system into three files: .m4a, .m3u and .mp4 files.

After the files are converted, a window will pop up on your computer showing the converted files. Please review your recording at this time to make sure all the slides loaded properly, and all speakers can be seen and heard as required.

The file titled “zoom_0” is the mp4 file that will be shared to 48th IPS Virtual Conference Secretariat.

Step 3 - Uploading your Presentation.

Please note you need to be registered for 48th IPS Virtual Conference prior to submitting any pre- recorded presentation.

The Pre-recorded presentation has to be mailed to

Date For Submission

Last date of submission of Pre-recorded presentation is 31st October(After which no entrie's will entertained).

Note:If posible please submit by 25thOctober to avoid last minute hassle's.

Submission of consent form is mandatory.

Download Consent form for reference Click Here.


The secretariat of 48th IPS Virtual Conference will collect the pre recorded presentations which will be played live at their specified slots. These presentations may later be uploaded on the conference website after the conference is over. The organizers will take the consent of the presenters before uploading the presentations. With regards to Live sessions, all the sessions, including panel sessions will be recorded by the organizers and may be put up on-demand video, in the discretion of Indian Prosthodontics Society , on the conference website. Any speaker who doesn’t wish to share the sessions after the conference can intimate the secretariat beforehand.


Please reach out to the following email for any further