Guidelines for Table Clinic Demonstration by Participants


The recording has to be done in high resolution MP4 format through a good pixel camera or mobile phone.


The video has to be maximum of 5 minutes.

Lighting/Camera &Setup:

The setup for the table clinic video has to be carefully done. Please choose a place which has minimum or no sound to avoid any external disturbance during your demonstration. Diffused light in front of you will usually work best to avoid shadows. Try to position your camera so that it just above your eye level.

Sound/Audio — We recommend using a headset and/or microphone as it will lead to better sound quality than using your computer audio. Turn off all sound notifications on all your devices.

Presentation/Clothing – Darker color shirts/blouses appear better on camera. Try to avoid busy plaid or patterned outfits.

Please do a couple of tests before recording the final demo.

Please start the video with a very brief introduction of yourself and what you are going to demonstrate.

Final Product:

Please check and re-check the video for its clarity and content before sharing with us. The video should be shared with us through We Transfer or Drop Box .

The video in MP4 format should be shared on

Attendees will join in listen-only mode. The Q&A feature will be used for questions and interaction (the chat feature will be disabled). Polling is also available for presenters to use (information and deadlines below). Please note that several security features are being utilized to prevent unauthorized access.

Presenter Registration Information

Registration for 48th IPS National Virtual Conference is available here Please register before submitting your demo.


All presenters need to stand with the things for presentation arranged on a table and present as in a physical presentation and a video recording of maximum of 5 mins canb be made. The recording in the form of an mp4 format should be sent to before 31st October.

Step 3 - Uploading your Presentation.

Please note you need to be registered for 48th IPS Virtual Conference prior to submitting any pre- recorded presentation.

The Pre-recorded presentation has to be mailed to

Date For Submission

Last date of submission of Pre-recorded presentation is 31st October(After which no entrie's will entertained).

Note:If posible please submit by 25thOctober to avoid last minute hassle's.

Submission of consent form is mandatory.

Download Consent form for reference Click Here.


The secretariat of 48th IPS Virtual Conference will collect the pre recorded presentations which will be played live at their specified slots. These presentations may later be uploaded on the conference website after the conference is over. The organizers will take the consent of the presenters before uploading the presentations. With regards to Live sessions, all the sessions, including panel sessions will be recorded by the organizers and may be put up on-demand video, in the discretion of Indian Prosthodontics Society , on the conference website. Any speaker who doesn’t wish to share the sessions after the conference can intimate the secretariat beforehand.


Please reach out to the following email for any further